//Review: The Man Company

Like most men in the world, haircare and beard grooming is something that I’ve taken very lightly over the years. After slacking for almost two decades I’ve realized the importance of using the right products for my hair and my beard. Also since men’s grooming products have taken over the market I’ve decided to get […]

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Hello, Firstly I would like to apologise profusely for being an A – Grade slacker and not posting on the blog for months. I have been THE worst blogger. A crime of epic proportions; but my reasons are legit. Those who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat would know that I was bombarded by my […]

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  Every man is sure to have a suit (or three) hanging in his wardrobe in the standard go-to shades – black, grey, navy – but with summer finally here, its time to consider something a little fresher, lighter and more seasonally-appropriate. March is almost over. God knows where these three months went. Its that time […]



So, a part of my genes are from the South and staying in Bangalore for around 3 years now all I’ve gained is this Idli shape on my stomach. I desperately wanted to work on the Mundu because to be frank I’m not really comfortable wrapping it around and letting the wind pass by so […]

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All of us consciously and unconsciously try and give some serious thought on how we dress up for the day . So many of us traveling in the metro or in the bus or even while shopping stare at some people’s impeccable style sense . It’s not always about blending in the crowd it’s about […]



  So, as you all know Spring is round the corner (unless you’re one the lucky ones hibernating through the post winter sadness). I personally find dressing for spring quite tricky because its too hot for a leather jacket and too cold for just a t-shirt, and shedding the winter weight would take some time. […]

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